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Areas of Practice


CIVIL & SUPREME Court Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience handling New York City Civil Court and New York State Supreme Court litigation matters. We implement strategies that are aggressive and effective while considering our Client’s financial concerns and ultimate goals.

Our litigation services include:

  • Evaluation and risk assessment of cases and claims.

  • Strategy development and aggressive advocacy.

  • Cost efficient management of litigation matters and resources.

  • Extensive consultation and communication throughout the litigation process.

Our firm has handled numerous types of real estate litigation matters including:

  • Disputes between condominium, cooperative, residential and commercial property owners and contractors/vendors.

  • Disputes between adjoining property owners.

  • Disputes arising as a result of construction defects.

  • Disputes arising as a result of residential condominium, cooperative and rental tenant violations of occupancy agreements.

  • Disputes arising between commercial landlords and tenants.

  • Condominium foreclosure actions arising from unpaid common charges.

  • Surplus money proceedings.

If the resolution of such disputes cannot be achieved without litigation, we rely on our experience to advocate for and guide our Clients throughout the litigation process.




All condominiums, cooperatives, commercial and residential property owners need contractual protections for the capital improvement projects which they undertake. Our firm has extensive experience representing condominiums, cooperatives, commercial and residential property owners in the negotiation, drafting, interpreting and enforcement of construction contracts throughout the various stages of such projects. Our understanding of construction practices has enabled us to pursue construction defect claims and claims arising as a result of construction delays through mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Our construction and major capital improvement services include:

  • Preparation and negotiation of construction contracts.

  • Enforcement of construction contract terms and conditions.

  • Mediation and arbitration of construction defect claims.

  • Litigation of construction defect claims.

  • Negotiating and drafting adjoining property owner license access agreements.

As a result of our years of experience and diverse range of Clients, our firm provides exceptional counsel and support to our Clients throughout all phases of construction related projects.



sales, Purchases & financing

Condominiums, cooperatives, residential and commercial property owners have utilized our assistance for guidance in real estate transactions and property financing.

Our real estate transactional services include:

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial and residential real estate purchase and sale agreements.

  • Representing both buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate.

  • Representing owners in obtaining and completing multi-million dollar property financing.

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial lease agreements.

  • Cooperative Transfer Agent services.

Our attorneys provide unparalleled expertise and counseling to our Clients on all real estate transactional matters.




All condominiums, cooperatives, commercial and residential property owners have various Bylaws, Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements which dictate their organizational governance standards and practices. The interpretation of these governing documents can become complex. To protect our Clients, we provide counsel which explains the unique nature of how governing documents should be interpreted, how their requirements should be implemented and how any such documents can be amended when necessary to meet their evolving needs. We also provide extensive contractual negotiation and drafting services.

Our corporate services include:

  • Evaluation of corporate governance requirements and limitations.

  • Drafting and implementing amendments to Declarations, Bylaws, Proprietary Leases, House Rules, Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements.

  • Oversight of Board of Manager and Board of Director elections.

  • Interpretation of condominium and cooperative Board of Manager and Board of Director fiduciary obligations and conflicts of interest.

  • Negotiate and draft all contractual agreements.

  • Draft amenity use agreements.

  • Oversight of employee disciplinary and termination procedures for both unionized and non-unionized employees.

  • Negotiate and draft employee separation agreements.

  • Representation in all wrongful termination, discrimination and violation of American with Disability Act (ADA) claims.

  • Representation of shareholders and unit owners who have claims of actions undertaken by Boards of Directors or Managers contrary to the organizational documents of their cooperatives or condominiums.

Our firm has the experience and skill to identify and provide effective Client centered legal solutions to any governance and contractual issue that our Clients may encounter.




Our firm supports the protection of our planet's limited natural resources. Our firm assists our Clients with the implementation of environmentally friendly property improvement projects. We will make a continuing effort to assist our Clients in all aspects of the creation of procedures and the installation of equipment that will ensure that our environment is protected and that our children have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our planet and a continued abundance of natural resources.

In effort to assist our Clients to undertake initiatives such as the installation of cogeneration equipment, energy efficient windows and the transition to 100% natural gas, our firm will offer a 10% reduction on all legal fees associated with any such projects for which we represent our Clients.




Our firm supports various charitable organizations such as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and CancerCare. Our firm encourages charitable donations to these and other organizations. We actively participate with our Clients in donating to other organizations or events which are supported by our Clients’ charitable endeavors.